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Montclair Railroad Trail

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Gratitude Nature Walk 7/6

Montclair Railroad Trail 6235 LaSalle Avenue, Piedmont, Ca

Montclair Railroad Trail The Health and Well Being Circle’s monthly gratitude walk is at 10:00am Saturday, July 6th in Piedmont. This month we will walk the Montclair Railroad Trail. We will meet at the entrance of the Montclair Parking Garage at the intersection of LaSalle/Lucas Ave. The address is 6235 LaSalle Ave Piedmont Ca 9611. This will be a 1 hour walk. It is a great opportunity to commune with nature, move our bodies, and build community. Email Darren your name and phone number to sign up for the walk. Join us and bring a friend!

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5811 Racine Street
Oakland, CA 94609

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