Youth & Family Village

Youth & Family Village programming launches September 2024!

Our Fall programming will include space for Littles (age 4-9 on 1st Sunday), Tweens (age 10-13 on 2nd Sunday), and Teens (age 14-18 on 3rd Sunday).

This Summer we will have opportunities for young folx and their families to be engaged in community with events and opportunities to participate in community service.

To find out more about the YFV engagement opportunities and information about how adults can serve, please send us an email to be added to our outreach emails.

Our intention is to provide a safe and inclusive* experience for young people to be engaged and connected, that is grounded in Science of Mind Principles and is in alignment with the Heart & Soul Vision of being a loving and compassionate, world class teaching and empowerment ministry.

*Our safe and inclusive environment requires that we fully vet and conduct background checks for all volunteers and adults in leadership or volunteering in one of our programs. Additionally, leaders and volunteers must also have successfully completed a Science of Mind Foundational class.

To find out more about the YFV engagement opportunities, email us.

Rev. Sonia Russell, Director, Youth & Family Village

Rev. Sonia RussellRev. Sonia is a founding member of Heart & Soul and since then has been committed to her spiritual community’s vision of being a “world-class teaching and empowerment ministry.” She intentionally, passionately and creatively contributes to the attainment of this vision from her heart in big and small ways.

In 2021, Rev. Sonia received her minister’s license from Holmes Institute and the School of Spiritual Leadership. She currently works as the Church Administrator, and her focus as a new staff minister is to re-envision and reignite our Youth & Family Village. She is dedicated to creating an inviting space filled with spiritual programming and learning that encourages the children and young people in our community and the families who hold them.

Rev. Sonia consistently seeks to embrace and exemplify our spiritual practices. This, combined with her productive use of technology, help her to effectively support her community, consciously parent her powerful daughter, and skillfully and successfully design, build, cultivate and grow containers where amazing things happen.

At Heart & Soul, Rev. Sonia’s favorite place to witness spiritual growth and community is while facilitating and participating in foundational level classes where the spark of love and creativity are only just being ignited.

She lovingly invites and encourages you to begin or continue your spiritual learning journey here at Heart & Soul.

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