Destiny Muhammad, Harpist from the Hood
Branice McKenzie

Music uplifts, heals, loves us “through it all.”

Music is vibrantly woven into every aspect of the way we worship at Heart & Soul. It complements and anchors the messages brought by our ministerial staff and guest speakers. A powerful tradition at Heart & Soul, music is beyond performance – it is sacred service – and our musicians and vocalists give lovingly from their hearts with each and every performance.

On any given Sunday, you can experience music served up in many forms – from a cappella to full ensemble, from traditional and contemporary gospel to jazz, from New Thought and opera to spoken word. Music supports the teaching, wisdom and inspiration from the pulpit that uplifts, heals, and loves us “through it all”.

We often share the stage with local, national and international artists who represent the very best of vocal artistry.

Our Music Collective is comprised of Heartsong, the Heart & Soul Ensemble, and our incredibly talented musicians and soloists. We often share the stage with local, national and international artists who have notable recording careers. These artists bring the expanse of genres and styles to us so that we an explore the many possibilities of artistic communication and inspiration. We are grateful they intentionally choose to share their gifts with us.

Music at Heart & Soul is live and alive, encouraging us to rise to our feet, clap our hands, and sway in appreciation of the God in us that celebrates the sounds, words, and rhythms brought by our Music Collective. We are committed to ministering to each of us and all of us. We are grateful to be in service. To inquire about joining our Music Collective, you are invited to email us.

If music is your thing and you’re interested in joining our Music Collective, you are invited to email us.

Eddie Watkins Jr
Lisa Forkish

Images, from top: Destiny Muhammad, Branice McKenzie, Eddie Watkins, Jr., Lisa Forkish

Danyelle Jennings, Curator, Music Collective

Danyelle JenningsInnate: 1.existing in, belonging to, or determined by factors present in an individual from birth; 2. Belonging to the essential nature of something.

Danyelle belongs to the essential nature of MUSIC. A lover of music and aural musings, she is a music curator, audio engineer, and producer who has worked with various dance and theatre companies, artists, spiritual centers, and musicians around the Bay Area.

Danyelle absolutely “gets” music as a form of self-expression and its healing power. She loves making music sound full-bodied and feel very present, finding the most perfect balance amongst the musicians, their instruments, and their art.

When Danyelle curates music, she likens it to how an Art Curator approaches selecting a piece to create an engaging narrative and convey a story to those who view their work.

It’s ONLY RIGHT that she is a part of the Heart & Soul Music Collective at HSCL where she has found her “spiritual center” and works with some of the world’s most phenomenal musicians.

To Danyelle, music and HSCL is experienced via the individualized musical expressions of the artists who share music in the way that Spirit guided them to share it with HSCL. We seek to honor the man ways that music can be shared and show up.

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