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Heart and Soul Virtual Community Update

Greetings Beloved Heart and Soul Family,

 I pray you and yours are well. We appreciate you and we are in prayer for all of us during this compelling time.

 In compliance with the Bay Area’s multi-county shelter in place order, Heart and Soul Center of Light has ceased ALL on-site services, gatherings and meetings until this order is revised or rescinded. We estimate that our in-person/on-site Sunday services will resume on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020. Until then, we have every intention of staying active, connected and fully engaged in spiritual community with YOU!

 As I write this message, our Heart and Soul leadership and technology teams are busy implementing online strategies that will allow us to continue having celebration services, classes, and important gatherings like Imagining Justice and Prayer & Care Ministry without interruption. It’s no mean feat, but we take comfort in knowing that Perfect Wholeness is supporting us even now.

 The following describes new and necessary changes in our normal operations and also provides valuable details for how you can stay updated and involved while we all shelter in place

The Heart and Soul Website

This is important:  Please visit our website frequently. Our intention is for our website to function as the primary information hub for our community. Make it your first stop for learning the status of all Heart and Soul events, activities and other community information – and come back often. This will be the best way to stay abreast of changes. As we work on keeping the website information current, we ask that you be patient with us – and keep us in prayer.

Ongoing Communication

In the coming days, you may expect to receive additional communications from us via email. While this may initially appear redundant to information that appears on the website, we ask for your patience. We will use your Recap email address for these communications.

Sunday Celebrations

Beginning Sunday March 22 at 10:00am PST, our Sunday Celebrations will be accessible online via Zoom video conferencing. The basic Zoom service is FREE. It will allow you to not only see and/or hear the service, but it will also let you engage other connected Celebration attendees in real time via chat!

Zoom will work on any of the following devices.

  •     A cell phone
  •     Any tablet device (e.g., Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Amazon Fire, etc.)
  •     A desktop computer
  •     A laptop computer

Zoom must be downloaded on your internet-enabled device in order to access our Sunday Celebration.

  1.   Download Zoom to your device using this link: (We recommend you take this step at least a few minutes before the start of our Sunday Celebration so that you don’t miss any portion of it.)
  2.   Access our Sunday Celebrations by clicking this link:

Please Note: If you prefer to simply listen to our Sunday Celebrations without accessing the video portion, you can do so using your cell phone as follows at 10:00am PST:

  •     Dial +1 669-900-6822
  •     Enter Webinar ID: 296 214 137

Will the online services be exactly the same as our in-person service? Of course not. But there will absolutely be musical inspiration, prayer, a live message, and personal engagement (that you’ll be able to participate in through online chat) as well as gracious giving. We’re pulling out ALL the stops to make our online virtual celebrations as vibrant and lively as every technology will allow!

Please do plan to join me for the next few Sunday mornings online at 10:00am PST for our single Sunday service — it won’t be the same without you!

Prayer Support

If you are feeling afraid or simply overwhelmed, please reach out to any of our Licensed Spiritual Practitioners for Spiritual Mind Treatment. You can reach them on our website at You can also submit prayer requests to our Prayer & Care Ministry at We look forward to praying for and with you during these times.

Group prayer will be available via teleconference 10 minutes after the conclusion of our Sunday Celebration.

To participate:

Call: +1 669 900 6833 and when prompted enter Meeting ID: 729 205 089

Four (4) Prayer Rooms Will Be Available for Online Group Prayer:

~ Health/Healing

~ Love/Relationship/Harmony/Peace/Joy

~ Work/Creative Self Expression/Prosperity/Supply

~ Right Action/Divine Guidance

Our leadership is also working to establish opportunities for prayer during the week. Please stay tuned and visit the Heart and Soul website often for details and updates.

NO Imagining Justice Wednesday, March 25th

Join us via Zoom next Wednesday, April 1st
Or Dial-In: +1 669 900-6833 and Use Meeting ID: 432 392 400

6:15pm – Meditation | 6:30pm – Experience 


Participants in our current Prosperity Plus 2 class will be sent a Zoom link to attend class in the comfort of their own home. With regard to the New Foundations of The Science of Mind, we are currently assessing whether we’ll need to adjust the start date for that class.

Gracious Giving

Our Heart and Soul community is financially strong and thriving and we expect that to continue regardless of these conditions. We anticipate coming through this stronger, more spiritually grounded and better connected as a community than ever before. We ask you to increase or at least continue your regular giving and tithing while we meet this challenge. It is only through your gifts that we are able to provide our services and programs to you without interruption. Only with your financial support can we invest in the technology required to establish a high-functioning virtual community that will see us through these times.



Lastly, Fear Not

We are doing spiritual mind treatment, intentional meditations, and continuing to know that Divine Intelligence is guiding each and every person in every situation as to what to do and how to respond. We know perfect Wholeness and is the Divine Birthright of each person and that this is being revealed and restored everywhere, right now.


Rev. Andriette


Rev. Andriette Earl Founding Minister and Community Spiritual Leader

Service Recaps:

Thank you for EVERYThing. I have NO complaint whatsoever.  ~Zen Master Sono