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Greetings and Welcome!

Welcome to Heart and Soul Center of Light. We know who you are: an inexpressibly beautiful reflection of God’s Love! Your arrival here is no accident. We see the Light of God illuminating your highest intention. Thank you for bringing the gift of that Light to us! Heart and Soul is a spiritual community of “like-hearted” people who are committed to accepting and sharing gifts of love, compassion and Divine Wisdom. Ours is a ministry of love and personal transformation.  As a Center for Spiritual Living, we teach Science of Mind and Spirit – a proven method for transforming any idea of separation from Good into a realized experience of spiritual liberation. What we believe boils down to a very simple premise. Here it is…

*There is an Infinite Power for Good in the universe – and you can use It!*

In fact, you are absolutely meant to use It. What is “It”, you ask? “God”, “Higher Power”, “Universal Presence” – or any other name you’re comfortable with. Our purpose is simply to assist you in living, loving and growing the full spectrum of your life in positive ways through the use of spiritual tools that will inspire you to share your unique gifts toward making the world a better place.

Heart and Soul Center of Light is a diverse “not-your-usual-church” kind of church. We tend to attract people who are seeking to connect with the Divine Presence without dogma, religiosity, judgment, guilt, or fear. Although we celebrate and teach ancient spiritual principles and wisdom derived from many spiritual traditions including Christianity, our message remains edu-taining, inspiring, down to Earth and relevant today.

Yes. We keep it real, for real.

I am so glad that you found us, and we want you to know:

  •    You matter! Who you are makes a difference to us and to the world!

  •    We see you! Life is awaiting the fulfillment of your deepest intent! So are we!

  •    You have a gift to give the world!  IT’S YOU!

Come join us in exploring the amazing possibilities that can open by living a life infused with spiritual awareness. Chances are better-than-good you’ll meet other people very much like you. The doors to our Center – and to our very heart and soul – are open to you.

Let’s celebrate the goodness of God together!


Rev. Andriette Earl Founding Minister and Community Spiritual Leader

Service Recaps:

Thank you for EVERYThing. I have NO complaint whatsoever.  ~Zen Master Sono