The spiritual practice of serving is both a blessing and a gift.

It is also an excellent way to further build your community of like-minded people! It’s the way we love…

Circles are teams of people who give of their time and talents in support of the many moving pieces that help make Heart & Soul a beautiful, soulful, and joyous place to gather, worship, pray, and give.

Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, whether in person or virtual, we invite you to take a look at our Circles to learn more about what they do and see how you can join us in sacred service.

  • If you have questions about any or all of the Circles named below, please email us and our Sacred Service Ambassador will get back with you.
  • If you already know where you’d like to join up with us, please complete this form and our Sacred Service Ambassador will connect with you.

We are eternally grateful for each and every person who takes the time to advance our vision of a world that works for everyone. We look forward to you joining us!

Join us in the work to advance our vision of a world that works for everyone.


Beautification Circle

Our Beautification Circle works to ensure that our sacred space is visual happiness for all who enter. Every wall hanging, plant, vase of flowers, candle, or work of art you see at Heart & Soul is lovingly selected and put into place by our Beautification Circle. We frequently update and improve the aesthetic beauty of our space and provide inspiring displays seasonally and for certain occasions throughout the year. If you like decorating, the interior designer in you undoubtedly wants to participate in this Circle!

Facilities Circle

Our Facilities Circle keeps our sacred space clean and clear of any obstructions that may impede movement and engagement. Your safety is important to us and we work to ensure that all aspects of our facility function properly. Every trash bin is emptied, linoleum floors mopped, and carpets vacuumed. Chairs are wiped down and neatly ordered in rows or stacked to make space available for various types of gatherings. And the air temperature and lights are controlled for maximum comfort. If making a lasting impression is what you’re about, we’d love to have you join the Facilities Circle!

Health & Well-Being Circle

The mission of the Health & Well-Being Circle is aligned with Ernest Holmes’ fundamental opinion that “health and happiness are humankind’s normal and divine heritage.” With this in mind, we are called to teach and celebrate health and well-being as foundational values of Heart & Soul Center of Light. Our programs and activities inspire health and well-being one heart, one soul at a time. Whether you are a fitness, health or well-being specialist or you simply want to be active with a community of “movers and shakers”, the Health & Well-Being Circle is for you!

Infinite Prosperity Circle

An expression of Source as energy, the Infinite Prosperity Circle is Heart & Soul’s fundraising and stewardship team. With gratitude at the center of everything we do, this Circle leads fundraising campaigns and events that support and uplift our church and community. As financial stewards, we proactively partner with our Heart & Soul Circles, Collectives, and Villages to create, celebrate and inspire the Divine flow and circulation of prosperity. If you desire to share your gifts of successfully generating financial resources toward the vision and mission of Heart & Soul, please join us!

Communication, Media & Production Circle

The Communication, Media & Production Circle facilitates the many aspects of producing our Sunday Celebration, events and activities at Heart & Soul; the traditional and digital media channels through which we share our messages; and the visual and written expression of our brand. If you understand the importance of creating, projecting and sharing the essence of Heart & Soul, you’ve found your home with the Communication, Media & Production Circle!

The teams that comprise this Circle are:

  • Audio/Sound Team. This team ensures optimum sound for all Heart & Soul productions. They set up, operate, and monitor the equipment responsible for the output of sound in the HSCL sanctuary and online. They ensure the music and the message reach our in person and virtual audiences each week.
  • Brand Expression Team. This team facilitates the creative expression of our brand through PowerPoint, signage, printed materials, and swag. They are also responsible for ensuring the consistent use of our brand language internally and externally.
  • Lovestreaming Team. This team ensures the seamless production of live-stream events by setting up cameras, lighting, streaming software, and equipment to capture all activity with precision. They monitor and troubleshoot technical issues, working behind the scenes to create and broadcast an immersive virtual experience for remote viewers in real-time.
  • Podcast Team. This team ensures that Sunday Celebrations and Power of Prayer podcasts are available on streaming platforms.
  • Projection/Production Team. This team ensures that content – both PowerPoint and video – that is projected onto in-facility screens is visually appealing and in sync with presenters. This team also ensures that those participating remotely have an experience that best represents the spirit and energy of those attending in-person.
  • Social Media Team. This team maximizes social media by presenting our Sunday Celebration, events, featured musicians and vocal artists and guest speakers. We also use our channels to provide inspirational messages throughout the week. This Team also ensures the distribution of our Sunday Recap (sign up in the footer below).
  • Video Team. This team produces videos that are used in multiple forums and across many channels. They are responsible for the visual and sound production of our videos as well as editing to present a compelling story.
  • Website Team. This team manages the Heart & Soul website and ensures information is fresh, current, and provides easy access to the information that our congregants and new site visitors want and need.

Welcome Circle

The Welcome Circle serves everyone who enters the doors of Heart and Soul. Each person who arrives is immediately greeted and welcomed with a hug by one of our greeters. Our greeters offer hugs as a way of demonstrating our love and Oneness. In this, we recognize one another as kindred spirits in God. Whether welcoming congregants “back home”, frequent attendees, or new faces joining us at Heart and Soul for the very first time, we see you and we are glad you’re here!.

Members of our Welcome Circle also facilitate movement into and throughout our Sunday Celebration and events. We lovingly assist in the seating, general comfort, and orientation when you are in our most sacred space.

You’ll know us by our service stoles and welcoming smiles and if you’d like to become a part of the Welcome Circle, we’d love to have you!