When you need more than an immediate laser spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer) offered after our Sunday services, Prayer Sessions are available by appointment with one of the Centers for Spiritual Living Licensed Practitioners. This is an opportunity to remember and align with Spiritual Principles and Practices in any area of your life. Learning to align in right thinking, spiritual understanding, and powerful insight empowers you to participate in the creative process of your life. The power of a prayer session offers you the opportunity to:
  • Heal at every level – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.
  • Manifest greater success and well-being in every area of your life.
  • Uncover hidden beliefs and replace them with powerful new spiritual understanding.
  • Determine spiritual practices best suited for your needs today.
In a sanctuary of active compassion, deep listening, unconditional love, a Centers for Spiritual Living Licensed Practitioner demonstrates that which is always present – the one Law of Love – the universal GOD Mind activated by our every thought, word, and choice. There is always a spiritual solution to every condition. Through the constructive use of mind, health, peace, abundance, joy and love express freely. The purpose of our volunteer Practitioner Core is to be a beneficial presence that reveals Consciousness through prayer and service. They are fully trained and dedicated to being in service to our community. When you want or need a Practitioner, they are here for you. HSCL Practitioners are licensed through Centers for Spiritual Living and available, by appointment, for paid sessions.


Licensed Practitioner Telephone Email Address
Akanke Adefunmi 415-813-8865 akanke@claimyourshero.com
Carole L. Johnson (Emerita) 510-548-6369 carole@equity-consulting.com
Suzzette Celeste Johnson (Emerita) 510-708-7310 suzzette.celeste7@gmail.com
Tendai Jordan   tendaijordan1@gmail.com
Deb Kersey 707-235-4577 dkersey28@yahoo.com
Ron Marshall 510-409-2938 loveandfishes@sbcglobal.net
Cherri Murphy 510-501-4929 cherrimurphy67@gmail.com
Gabriella Ramos 510-224-0314 gabriella.angeline@gmail.com
Pat Reynolds 702-845-5000
Brenda Shinault   bshinault423@gmail.com
Roeber’ Williams 510-387-3971 roeberw579@gmail.com
Felicia Williams Cosey 925-366-6393 healingspace@comcast.net

There is only one Life.

That Life is God’s Life.

That Life is Perfect.

That Life is my Life NOW!

– Ernest Holmes