Are you hearing the whisper? Feeling the nudge? Perhaps it’s a call to membership. 

If you considering membership at Heart and Soul Center of Light, we invite you to participate in our Path to Membership Experience.  

The Path to Membership Experience (PTME) is a free interactive sojourn that is required for anyone wishing to become a member of Heart and Soul Center of Light. During our PTME, you’ll learn about who we are as a spiritual community, what we teach, and all of the ways we serve our beloved members. You’ll also learn about Heart and Soul’s expectation of its members to be active, loyal, supportive, and engaged. Our Path to Membership staff will be there to facilitate in a way that lets you fully explore the idea of membership. 

Anyone can take the Path to Membership Experience whenever it is offered without obligation. We offer it four times a year as a way for those who feels the calling to examine (or re-examine) the benefits and responsibilities of membership at Heart and Soul Center of Light.  

No one is ever pressured or obligated to become a member of Heart and Soul Center of Light. After completing the Path to Membership Experience, you’ll discern for yourself whether membership at Heart and Soul is right for you. If you deem that it is, you’ll sign a membership covenant and be included in our next induction ceremony. If it is not, that choice will be absolutely honored and respected as well.  

Path to Membership Experience Dates – TBD

Attendance and participation in the entire session(s) is required for membership.