HUGS is an acronym for Hospitality, Ushers and Greeters in Service.

Hospitality Circle

“While Heart and Soul feeds the Spirit, Hospitality feeds your tummy!”

For the Hospitality end of H.U.G.S., this ministry circle takes responsibility for the care and feeding of our musicians and our front line Sunday support teams (ministers, pulpit assistants, Youth & Family Village staff, and others who provide sacred service for two consecutive services). The H.U.G.S. Hospitality Circle also prepares and serves food for various special Heart and Soul sponsored events throughout the year.

Greeter Circle

“We welcome all who enter the doors of Heart and Soul with love, appreciation, a warm smile and a hug.”

Everyone who arrives at Heart and Soul Center of Light is immediately greeted and welcomed with a hug by one of our official greeters. Our greeters offer hugs as a way of demonstrating that we love and accept all people just as they are, and that we recognize one another as kindred spirits in God. It’s our way of welcoming congregants “back home”, whether they are frequent service attendees or appearing at Heart and Soul for the very first time. We believe there are no strangers.

Usher Circle

“We hold the high watch of caring for our congregants’ needs as they are ushered into the transformative experience that we know as Heart and Soul Center of Light”

When congregants enter the Heart and Soul sanctuary, they enter the care of our usher circle. Our ushers lovingly assist in the seating, general comfort, and orientation of all congregants while they are in our most sacred space. Distinguished by their service stoles and welcoming smiles, Heart and Soul ushers shine as important spiritual ambassadors for our church.