Heart and Soul Center of Light

Our Community Prayer

There is One Eternal Life – God! One Creative Cause – God! One All Pervasive Love – God! One Infinite Source of Prosperity and Abundance – God! God and I are ONE. I Am a child of God, created out of the same I Am Presence that is the source of my supply! I am therefore endowed with unlimited creative ability to call forth my good – and the good of Heart and Soul Center of Light – now, and in the form of money!

I joyously proclaim the divine nature of money! Money is a natural consolidation of the loving, living energy of God flowing through this world! Money is God’s tangible form of prosperity and abundance! Money is never stagnant! It flows freely, forever circulating in divine order!

I welcome and celebrate the free flow of money into and through the large and small places in my life. I stand as a natural channel for money, lovingly directing how I spend and share it. Through expanded faith, I now generously share money with Heart and Soul Center of Light. I know my gifts breathe life into Heart and Soul ministries and into the reality of our new church home. The money I give comes back to me, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. This is ample evidence of God’s graceful activity in my life!

I give thanks for knowing that lavish unfailing abundance is a natural law of the Universe. I give thanks for this opportunity to participate in the Divine Flow of God’s Love. I know that God is, I Am, and all is exceedingly well.

And So It Is!