Reverend Andriette Earl, Founder and Spiritual Leader

Rev. Andriette Earl is a well-known leader, life coach, author and teacher with decades of experience in both corporate and spiritual settings in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.  She has engaged hundreds – if not thousands – of people in conscious and intentional living through an adoption of proven spiritual practices.

In 2009, Rev. Andriette founded Heart and Soul Center of Light (HSCL), a Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) affiliate. In just over 10 years she has grown HSCL into a vibrant, world-class teaching and empowerment ministry.  She has been an exceedingly popular instructor at the Holmes Institute School of Spiritual Leadership for more than a decade.

As a teacher, Rev. Andriette embraces creative spiritual processes to support self-actualization and transformation.  She has invented ingenious methods for inspiring others including creation of a transformational board game entitled, Speak Your Word: The Freedom Game.  Readers of her monthly column, From the Inside Out, in Science of Mind Magazine cite her as bringing “…a tremendous heart, a healing presence, and great enthusiasm for transforming one’s life.”  She is the author of Embracing Wholeness: Living in Spiritual Congruence and is the creator/producer of HSCL’s weekly video blog and podcast, Point of Power

As a CSL leader, Rev. Andriette has become a sought-after facilitator and team-builder.  She currently serves as co-chair of the CSL Minister’s Council. She has served as a pre-CSL visioning facilitator, on the Nominations Committee, the CSL Convention Committee and the spiritually Motivated/Socially Engaged team.

Heart and Soul Staff Ministers

Reverend Angelo Allen, Director of Video Ministry

Rev. Angelo Allen is affectionately known as “Revelo”. He currently serves as the director of Heart and Soul’s Video Ministry and is a faculty member at the Holmes Institute School of Consciousness Studies where he teaches Church Organization and Management. Revelo brings a steadfast belief that prayer, spiritual practice and continued spiritual education constitute an essential three-legged stool that supports an upward spiral of personal growth and spiritual liberation.

Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry at Heart and Soul is comprised of Music Ministers Branice McKenzie and Valerie Joi Fiddmont, our choir – HeartSong, our Vocal Ensemble and all of our magnificent instrumentalists who share in accompanying the music each Sunday. At Heart and Soul our Music Ministry is in service and partnership with our founding minister Rev. Andriette Earl and our Ministerial Staff. Our purpose is to support the teaching, wisdom and inspiration from the pulpit that inspires, heals and loves us “through it all”. Our choir, HeartSong, ministers every 4th and 5th Sundays and on our special calendar days (Church Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa and Easter). On our other Sundays we have the most outstanding guest artists who represent the very best of vocal artistry. These artists bring to our Music Ministry the expanse of genres and styles so that we explore all the possibilities of artistic communication and inspiration. At Heart and Soul, on any given Sunday, you can experience the artistry and telling in any of these musics from A cappella, Jazz, New Thought to Traditional Gospel, Spoken Word and Opera.
We are committed to ministering to each of us and all of us. We are grateful to be in service.

Branice McKenzie,  Co-Minister of Music

Branice McKenzie is the Founding Minister of Music at Heart and Soul Center of Light. Ms. McKenzie is a vocalist, composer, teaching artist, music director and children’s artist. As the daughter of a Seminarian, Eunice, and a Concert Tenor, Bradford, Branice has been a music minister from the start. She grew up singing in church and school. Then as a student at Brown, Branice was the Founding Director of The Black Chorus of Brown University.

Branice’s performing career includes worldwide concertizing as a critically acclaimed artist in Jazz (Umbria and Newport Jazz Festivals), musical theatre (Shades of Harlem, I Can’t Stop Loving You) and touring with Harry Belafonte, Gregory Hines, Iyanla Vanzant and Hugh Masekela. Her New Thought CDs “Music Is” and “I Fly” are favorites as well as her children’s CD, “I Am Me: Melodies, Lyrics and Lessons”. Her latest recording project, “Branice McKenzie: The New Standard” is in the works and she is the composer of the new musical, “Planet For Children”.

Branice loves the power and richness of music that speaks to us and supports transformation via various genres, rhythms and styles. Ms. McKenzie holds a Master’s in Music Education from New York University and her music can be found at

Valerie Joi Fiddmont, Co-Minister of Music

A gifted and multifaceted musician, Valerie Joi is a recording artist, pianist, vocalist, composer, arranger, producer and choral director. She directed the UC Santa Cruz Gospel Choir for thirteen years, where she was named a Porter College Faculty Fellow in 2013. She also served as the founding Minister of Music for Inner Light Ministries in Santa Cruz, CA for 16 years. During her tenure, she featured, accompanied and sang alongside artists such as Rickie Byars-Beckwith, Tammy Hall, Charles Holt, Nadine Risha and many more. Another great honor for Valerie Joi was singing background vocals for living legend Quincy Jones at the 2016 Monterey Jazz Festival and the Hollywood Bowl in September 2017. Her greatest joy, however, is witnessing transformation and healing through song. She is currently a PhD student in Transformative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where she is focusing on the interconnection between music, spirituality and social activism. You can find out more about her and her music on her website

Our Leadership Model

Heart and Soul Center of Light enjoys a leadership model that actively promotes accountability and commitment through loving engagement. We lovingly enroll and inspire our members to embrace a shared sense of belonging and ownership. Informed by this dynamic, “leadership” becomes more than just a word that describes the people who make the rules. For us, Leadership is an enduring value that we consistently practice to conduct Love, Light and Intelligence through every aspect of our center. The result is that we are forever growing new leaders!

HSCL Leadership Circle

All Heart and Soul circles, teams and groups have a trained leader or co-leaders to guide their activities. These leaders work in collaboration to support our intention to be a loving and compassionate, world-class teaching, and empowerment ministry. They are organized under a leadership group we call The Ignite Leadership Circle. Our founding Spiritual Leader, Rev. Andriette champions the work of this dynamic group.

Centers for Spiritual Living

Heart and Soul Center of Light is an affiliate with Centers for Spiritual Living  

Centers for Spiritual Living™ is a global community comprised of more than 400 spiritual communities, teaching chapters, study groups and other ministries in 30 countries. These communities teach a New Thought philosophy known as the Science of Mind, which brings religion and science together and offers spiritual tools to transform personal lives and help make the world a better place.

Our Purpose: To awaken humanity to it’s spiritual magnificence.

Our Vision: A world that works for everyone.

Our Mission: To provide spiritual tools for personal and global transformation.

A Message from CSL Leadership


“The Spirit can do for us only what It can do through us.  Unless we are able to provide the consciousness, It cannot make the gift.  The Power behind all things is without limit, but in working for us It must work through us.”

-Ernest Holmes

This fall citizens across the United States will have the right and the responsibility to go the polls to elect federal, state and local officials and participate in the US democracy. The word election means choice.  Democracy relies on citizens exercising their right and responsibility to make their choice heard through their vote. The Science of Mind teaches that we are responsible for our choices and every election represents a huge opportunity to choose, to vote, for a world that works for everyone.

Elections offer us an opportunity to bring our spiritual principles to the policy table and our values of diversity and inclusion, accountability, love, compassion and caring, financial health, prosperity and integrity to the national conversation. We believe that our Global Vision and the Science of Mind Principles provide grounding, bridge-building, wisdom, and guidance in so many important areas in which the US seems, as a culture, to be stuck in divisiveness; evidenced by either/or thinking, left/right labels, and conservative/liberal divisions.

It is important that our Vision and Values are present in the US elections and so we support and urge our US community members to take up this powerful responsibility The outcome of elections across the US will be determined by those who register, go to the polls and cast their ballots. Each vote, each voice, each choice matters. As we vote, we focus the power of our Vision and our Values on healing political and cultural divisiveness while creating a world that works for everyone.

I know there may be fear, apathy, anger, or general mistrust around what’s going on in the US and the world today. This can cause us to lose hope or simply withdraw. But the Science of Mind is a practical and applied philosophy that informs our everyday life. This means taking responsibility for participating in that life, up to and including the sacred act of voting.

As spiritual leaders, we are well within our spiritual principles, our moral obligation, and our legal boundaries to encourage our US community members to vote. Centers for Spiritual Living supports its US communities in having voter registration materials available and in speaking to their community members about the value, responsibility, and importance of the sacred act of voting.  

It is not enough to sit on the sidelines in apathy, anger, complacency, or spiritual withdrawal. We must take responsibility for our choices and actions. We must vote.


“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

~Alice Walker

Dr. Kenn Gordon