Nancy Marmolejo, RScPNancy Marmolejo is a soulful explorer with a spiritual journey that kicked off during high school when she discovered cosmic consciousness in a comparative religion class. Feeling there was more beyond her traditional religious upbringing, Nancy set out on a quest for spiritual knowledge, delving into the rich tapestry of her Mexican indigenous roots and spending numerous years immersed in the teachings of Science of Mind.

Her spiritual odyssey, seasoned by decades of study and experience, has uniquely equipped her to guide others on their healing paths. Her prayer style can be described as grounding, earthy, and intuitive, creating a supportive space for individuals navigating grief, uncertainty, and the discovery of their “sacred YES.”

In her professional life, Nancy is a sought after leadership consultant and trainer. Infusing her practitioner consciousness into her work, she guides organizations in areas such as emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Nancy holds a Masters Degree in Multicultural Education and several professional certifications. In her personal life she’s a Mom, a plant and music lover, and explorer of Bay Area hiking trails.

“There is nothing to be healed, only truth to be revealed.”

Nancy’s favorite quote – “There is nothing to be healed, only truth to be revealed.” – reminds her that we are already whole, perfect and complete.

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