Carole Lannigan JohnsonCarole Lannigan Johnson became a Licensed Practitioner in 1996 and served at East Bay Church of Religious Science in Oakland, California. In 2016, she became a Licensed Practitioner Emerita. She currently serves on the Prayer & Care team at Heart & Soul.

For several years, Carole led grief support groups and facilitated conflict resolution workshops. In 1981, she co-founded The Equity Institute, a national non-profit established to assist organizations in eliminating racism, sexism, homophobia, and antisemitism. Before an inclusive DEI model existed, Equity Institute was one of the very first national organizations to address these issues in public schools and other national non-profits. More than 5,000 non-profit leaders have completed their training programs. Today, Carole continues her executive coaching and leadership development practice with senior global leaders in the biotech industry.

Carole continued her advocacy for young people on issues of racism and homophobia as an executive producer of the award-winning film-curriculum, Sticks, Stones and Stereotypes/Palos, Piedras, Y Estereotipos. The film has been used in more than 5,000 schools throughout the United States, Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Carole is a non-practicing attorney and former project director in the United States Federal Desegregation Centers Program.

“You are far greater than you know, and all is well.”

One of Carole’s favorite quotes is “You are far greater than you know, and all is well.” She loves this quote and often references it with clients as it is a good reminder of how powerful God is – in each one of us.

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