Brenda Grayson Shinault, RScP EmeritaBrenda Grayson Shinault is a licensed Spiritual Practitioner Emerita at Heart & Soul Center of Light where she brings more than 22 years of practice in Science of Mind and other spiritual traditions. Brenda recently completed a chaplaincy internship in Highland Hospital’s Palliative Care Department. This internship is a part of the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) certificate program offered by the Spiritual Living Center for Education and Training in Colorado. At Highland Hospital, Brenda serves on an interdisciplinary care team. She ministers to people with cancer and other serious illnesses, as well as caregivers who may also experience spiritual distress.

In addition to her chaplaincy at Highland Hospital, Brenda has served as a volunteer chaplain at Hospice of the Central Coast and trained with Comfort Homesake Compassionate Care in Oakland. She holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.S. in Broadcasting from the Boston University Graduate School of Public Communications.

“I Rest in Thee”

One of Brenda’s favorite songs is “I Rest in Thee” by Rickie Byars Beckwith where these lyrics can be found: My destiny has been fulfilled by you, filled by you, oh God. My search is over and I rest in thee. My search is over, and I rest in thee. These beautiful lyrics resonate with Brenda’s declaration of freedom from belief in separation and fear. Brenda’s spiritual practice embraces the “allness” of God/Spirit/Life, and allows her to rest in assurance of divine wisdom, love, and guidance.

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