Akanke AdefunmiAkanke is an executive and leadership certified coach on a mission to help close the gender gap in leadership roles and support women in claiming their power at work and in life. She works with leaders and teams in industries including technology, health and healthcare, law, finance, government, and philanthropy. Akanke is a certified professional and diversity coach and also holds certifications in change management. She is the founder of Claim Your Shero.

Akanke adopts a comprehensive approach in her coaching, engaging with her clients on a profound level that encompasses the entirety of their being—body, mind, spirit, and identities. Drawing from her rich background as a business owner, group facilitator, and spiritual practitioner, Akanke brings a distinctive perspective to transformational leadership coaching.

On a personal level, Akanke takes pride in being a devoted mother to two young adults. When she isn’t collaborating with clients, you’ll discover her immersed in her beloved spiritual practice of hiking, exploring museums or historic sites, and embarking on journeys to new destinations. Akanke earned her BFA in Advertising from the College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio.

“Where the mind goes, energy flows.”

Ernest Holmes’ quote, “Where the mind goes, energy flows,” is Akanke’s favorite. Holmes’ message resonates deeply with her in her client work and throughout her own life. She remembers during her very first Science of Mind class when she told the teaching minister how upset she was about an argument she’d had with a family member. She wanted to know how to best handle it. The minister’s advice was, “Focus on something else, something helpful.”

Honestly, the advice irritated Akanke but once she started to follow it, her life began to change in ways she never imagined possible. She sees this unfold time and again: our attention acts like a magnet, drawing energy—be it negative or positive—toward whatever, whomever, or wherever we focus it.

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