Rev. Jack ElliottOrdained in 1985 as a Religious Science Minister, Rev. Jack Elliott is licensed with the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL). He is the Founding President of Heart & Soul Center of Light and was the catalyst for the founding of three other spiritual communities: Fellowship In Light, Gateway Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and ElderPride Incorporated, a CSL Focus Ministry.

Rev. Jack’s secular career ran adjacent to his spiritual trajectory. He has worked as a human resource and administrative executive leader for two International Banks (Bank of Tokyo, and Toronto Dominion Bank in San Francisco, CA). He held similar roles at three global firms including QRS Corporation and Artesyn Technologies as well as two medical entities.

Rev. Jack’s calling to preach, teach and write began at the onset of the AIDS pandemic when he ministered and served those shunned by their churches and pastors. During the COVID pandemic, he founded ElderPride to serve the elders in the LGBTQ+ community during a time when they felt most marginalized and isolated.

Rev. Jack received his Bachelor’s degree and continued his Masters in Psychology at John F. Kennedy University. He also attended Indiana State University as an undergraduate. His Theological Studies were completed at the Pacific School of Religion.

Heart & Soul inspires Rev. Jack and has been the manifestation of all that he has sought as he traverses his spiritual journey. It is his foundation and his bedrock. Rev. Jack’s calling is to preach, teach, and write and he gets to do all three at Heart & Soul. Most especially, he gets to write and co-direct our theatrical elements embedded in our Summer School.

No matter where he goes, this is where he is spiritually fed. This is his spiritual home. This is his launching pad for a life well lived.

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