Sheila Thomas RScP

Let us identify ourselves with abundance and with success.
Science of Mind, p. 412.

Do you believe in scarcity? It is hard not to in a world where the common message is that there is not enough and that scarcity is the natural order of things.   However, the affirmation that “abundance is everywhere” I sometimes see on bumper stickers is not simply a catchphrase but it is the nature of life. We see the truth of abundance in nature in the grains of sand and rich and abundant fruit that grows seasonally. Yet, the myth that there is not enough continues to prevail.

I see this mindset whenever the topic of meeting the needs of all is brought up.  It seems that many believe that the idea of everyone having opportunity and access to those things necessary for an independent and meaningful life is limited to a certain select group of people who did all the right things to get where they are. There simply is not enough to go around and those who are left out have done something wrong to deserve it or it is just bad luck.

However, the truth is that God’s good is unlimited rather than limited to a select few.   When we embody the truth “abundance is everywhere” individually and collectively, our lives and the lives of those around us must reflect this truth.

Affirmation:   I accept the truth that I live an abundant universe and there is more than enough for us all.