“Heart and Soul is who we are in the world…”

Heart and Soul Center of Light, a member community of Centers for Spiritual Living, is a vibrant nexus of spiritual empowerment and unconditional love nestled on the border of Oakland and Emeryville, California. We are a safe, welcoming, and accepting community of Unconditional Love, here to declare and celebrate our oneness with God! We teach spiritual liberation through the conscious use of Science of Mind and Spirit principles.

Come for the music…stay for the enlightenment! ALL are welcome at Heart and Soul.

“…It’s the way we live,
The way we give,
It’s the way we love,
The way we are of God.”

excerpted from Heart and Soul Anthem
an original song written for Heart and Soul by Branice McKenzie
© Eunice Music 2009


Our Mission

We, Heart and Soul Center of Light, are teachers and revealers of spiritual principles. Our highest purpose is to teach the principles of Science of Mind and Spirit as a primary tool for transforming any idea of separation from God into a realized experience of spiritual liberation.

We are guided in our ministry by the highest ideals of unconditional love and joyful connection with all people.

We practice communion with God through prayer, visioning, meditation, and contemplation, thereby opening ourselves to a greater awareness of God’s infinite grace and omnipresence. We freely communicate the tenets of Science of Mind and Spirit and draw from new thought/ancient wisdom teachings to enlighten, inspire, support, and encourage all who wish to access their innate knowing of Truth principles.

Our Vision

We are a loving and compassionate, world-class teaching and empowerment ministry. Through a consciousness of Universal God Presence, we release all resistance, separation, and fear. We claim our personal liberation, and accept the eternal availability of joy, love, and abundance. Through our intention to be love and spread joy, we engender reflections of the same and more in others.

Our ministry is a gift to the world, which expands through our practice and dedication. We welcome all people and together we make a quantifiable positive difference on the planet.