Visioning Project

Heart and Soul
Village Visioning Project

Community Visioning for 2014
Every 2nd Wednesday during FaithLift~Life Shift
Meditation at 6pm | Visioning at 6:30pm


click here to watch the video from the Institute of Noetic Sciences
“Inner Visioning with Rev. Andriette Earl”


The persistent consciousness of love held by us; this ceaseless movement of faith practiced by us — all of it — has literally catapulted Heart and Soul into new realms of light. Indeed, we have moved with such swiftness and such loving intensity that an incredible gravity well of goodness has formed in our wake. This invisible vortex now surrounds us and seeks to draw us into a profound evolution. It is the portal to our quantum leap. Our only real option at this stage of our development as a spiritual community is to step into the portal. Be forewarned, however:

This next step changes everything.

Our next step will require a focused and intentional practice of engaging our continuing metamorphosis as a village. Visioning is that practice. Our dramatic transformation into our greatest yet-to-be requires our vision as fuel. Our practice of visioning cannot be haphazard and engaged by only a few of us, or by half of us, or even by most of us. Our visioning must be engaged by ALL of us who are serious about taking the Heart and Soul movement (and expanding ourselves as the Beings of Light) into shared new levels of peace and prosperity which reveal themselves as a world that works for everyone. We need you to join us in this monumental effort. It is with this sacred intention in mind, that we proudly announce the
Heart and Soul Center of Light Village Visioning Project.





We are thrilled to have completed the launch of Phase One:

Introduction to Visioning
a short, sweet and compelling six-hour course
(3 consecutive sessions of 2 hours each)


In this concise course we will combine skilled-instruction, facilitated practice, and video of Dr. Michael Beckwith to:

  • Provide students with a clear understanding of the basic theory of the spiritual practice of Visioning and how it differs from Visualization
  • Give students sufficient experience in the actual practice of Visioning to immediately incorporate it into their own practice
  • Prepare students for more in-depth training in the future that will enable them to further deepen their practice of Visioning and facilitate Visioning for others